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managed services

Managed Services

Leave IT management to the experts.

How often have you come into the office with a "to do" list spilling off the bottom of your screen, only to find out your email doesn't work? You can't print that contract that needs to be delivered to your customer by noon? You can't retrieve that file before the big conference call?

Things like this happen every day but they are avoidable.

As a business owner, CEO/CFO, or office manager, you already have enough on your plate. If you don't have any internal IT support, many times the job of managing your IT systems falls on your shoulders. With our NetWatch solution, you can give that job to us for a fraction of the cost of hiring an additional resource.

NetWatch Features

The NetWatch program is a managed services platform that continuously monitors critical devices, applications, and network security, all of which are crucial for the operation of your business. It is designed for businesses with or without internal IT staff, and is fully scalable.

Our NetWatch program provides you access to our award-winning availability and performance management solution, as well as priority access to supplemental support services from our team of experienced, highly specialized engineers and consultants.

Program Features:

  • Availability and performance monitoring on key network devices
  • Backup system monitoring and management
  • Spyware & Virus protection monitoring and maintenance
  • Internet connectivity assessment
  • Firewall availability and performance monitoring
  • Block service at a discounted rate for reactive work performed
  • Network Health Assessment, IT Consulting Services
  • Optional proactive maintenance

Higher Levels of Employee Productivity:

Watching the network and responding immediately to network issues as they arise will serve to reduce the business impact of any IT failure by reducing the mean time to incident resolution, thus resulting in increased productivity levels.

Cost Savings:

Monitoring the network will allow for quick determination of the root cause of any network issue, thereby reducing the time-consuming task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes, resulting in substantial cost savings. Discounted rates on Reactive and Emergency service calls through Discounted Service Blocks also save you money.

Dashboard Access:

Providing Business and IT Managers with key information in a 'real-time' manner through dashboard access.

Cost Effective:

Providing access to highly specialized engineers to augment the skill set of your existing team members on an 'as-needed' basis.

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